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As you may know, on January 4th, the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust suffered the incredibly sad loss of Bob Koons, who had served more than 10 years as its executive director. Bob was both a colleague and a friend to many in the conservation field, and, like you, he was a true friend of wildlife. He still had many wonderful hopes and plans for the Trust, adding to our sense of loss. Yet we remain grateful for having known him and for all he accomplished for wild animals. Please join us in keeping his wife and family in all our thoughts and hearts.

We know Bob would be eager for us to move forward with saving habitat for wildlife, and I am honored to serve in the role of acting executive director, helping the Trust pursue this urgent mission. Having worked closely with Bob for the last eight years, I witnessed his deep respect and love for wildlife. As we talked about the overwhelming challenges affecting wildlife, we also discussed how spending time outside—reconnecting with the things we love about wildlife and wild places—thoroughly restores the ability to reflect, focus, and act. These conversations were the early seeds of the Trust’s new campaign, Rewilding Our Hearts, a sharing of knowledge, ideas, and motivation to rekindle the powerful connection between people and nature.

We hope to reawaken as many human hearts as possible to the joys of the wild. We know people will fall in love again—with so many things, large and small—boosting their health and happiness. In turn, they will be able and eager to rally to the cause of protecting the wildlife and wild places they rediscover.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you work to protect what you love, and that’s what your support of the Trust is all about—protecting what you love. Like you, I am proud to be part of the Trust, and deeply committed to its life-saving focus on compassionate conservation. I believe wild animals have the right to safe, protected habitat. All wildlife deserves this—species that suffer from the cruelties of hunting and trapping, as well as the countless other species that suffer from the daily and pervasive devastation of habitat loss. This loss represents a profound cruelty against wild animals and one the Trust, thanks to your support, is well equipped to fight. We offer the only humane solution—creating permanent sanctuaries for wildlife.

As a friend and supporter of the Trust, you are a powerful advocate for wildlife. Because of you, wildlife can count on a healthy and promising future, and you can count on future generations enjoying a world that still flourishes with the wildlife you love.

- Marla Wilson


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