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A 684-acre oasis for wildlife

You’re not alone in worrying about the impact of habitat loss on wildlife.

Ann Peckham Keenan and her late husband Tom contemplated these concerns in 1997, when purchasing their 684-acre property in Warner Springs, California -- now our newly established Peckham Keenan Wildlife Sanctuary.

“We thought the best thing to do was to buy the land and keep it from being developed,” says Ann, “and I decided later on that this land needed to be a sanctuary for wildlife.”

Both birding and hiking have long been avid interests for Ann. She leads yearly Christmas Bird Counts on the Peckham Keenan land, and she and her husband took part in a five-year San Diego County Bird Atlas project, followed by a five-year Post-Fire Bird Survey project, both of which included their land.

While hiking on the property several years ago with one of her dogs, Ann encountered a mountain lion -- basking in the sun on a large rock. “It was the best look I ever had at a mountain lion,” she says. “We looked at one another for a moment. Then my dog and I quietly backed off, leaving her in peace.”

Ann considered protecting her land through other entities before deciding to work with the Trust. “The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust is a perfect match,” she says, “because their ethics are exactly the same as mine. They are about creating sanctuary for wildlife, and they were willing to work with me to make the protections as strict as I wanted them to be.”

“Everywhere I go I see human use of the land reducing habitat for wildlife,” says Ann. “That’s why having this land now permanently protected is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.”

We’re grateful to Ann Peckham Keenan and to all of the people whose properties are protected for wildlife.


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