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The Wildlife Land Trust Australia has been operational under the auspices of Humane Society International since 2007. Since then it has grown to incorporate approximately 250 properties protecting close to 40,000 hectares (about 100,000 acres) of wildlife habitat.

The WLT-A invites you to become part of the vital mission to create a global sanctuary system based on the principle of humane stewardship.  Download the latest WLT-A newsletter and visit their web site

  • This loss of habitat has had a horrendous impact on Australia’s wildlife.

  • Drastic changes to the landscape and native habitat have put many of these unique species at serious risk.

  • Years of uncontrolled human clearing and expansion have destroyed thousands of acres of precious habitat.

  • In the time that it takes to read this web page thousands of acres of critical wildlife habitat across Australia will have been lost.

  • In the last 200 years, many of the nation’s plant and animal species have become extinct.

  • More than 427 species of animals and 1343 species of plants are now considered to be extinct, critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable.

As one of the most naturally diverse countries on the planet, Australia is home to more than one million species of plants and animals, with more than 80 percent of these species being endemic - found nowhere else on Earth.

The crisis is real and grows more urgent every day. Something must be done. Something can be done. Protecting and preserving Australia’s streams, grasslands, forests and wetlands is essential to wildlife’s survival. Every acre protected safeguards wildlife that desperately needs our help to survive.

Working under the guiding principle of humane stewardship, the Wildlife Land Trust network of national and international sanctuaries on private lands is dedicated to wildlife and habitat protection. 

Technical Bulletins

Humane Society International, an arm of the Humane Society of the United States and the only international animal protection organization, publishes Technical Bulletins periodically to highlight their work throughout the world. You can download a copy of Technical Bulletin #23 here.

The publication features plenty of Wildlife Land Trust and habitat protection news between pages 4-10, among a range of updates from other HSI initiatives and international project partners.

Covenanting information

The Australian WLT has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the New South Wales state government, which allows Program Manager Evan Quartermain to facilitate Voluntary Conservation Agreements with eligible WLT members in the state. This arrangement enables WLT members interested in binding covenanting measures to fast-track the process, importantly securing high conservation habitat in-perpetuity. Through various enforceable covenanting mechanisms, in the region of 30% of Australian WLT member refuges have their conservation values permanently protected.

Wildlife Land Trust Australia benefits

Member benefits include:

  • Becoming part of a continually growing national and international network of sanctuaries, promoting best conservation practices and protecting wildlife and habitats around the world.
  • The facilitation of useful communication between sanctuary members, as well as HSI staff and experienced land managers and native wildlife rehabilitators.
  • Help and advice regarding both the legal and ecological integrity of the property should it be required.
  • The opportunity to talk about the invaluable work undertaken to protect important wildlife habitats through feature pages on our website and in our regular Wildlife Lands newsletter.
  • Wildlife Land Trust Australia signs to erect on your property.

An invitation to register your property

Whether you currently have an agreement with a State Government wildlife authority, or your land is designated through a voluntary wildlife refuge program of some kind, we would very much like to invite you to join us at the Wildlife Land Trust Australia. If you are not yet involved in any form of voluntary or formal program to protect your land, but would like to be, we would be especially glad to hear from you.

To register your property as a sanctuary with Wildlife Land Trust Australia, download an application form and send it to the following address.

Wildlife Land Trust Australia
P.O. Box 439
Avalon, NSW 2107
Tel: 02 9973 1728
Tel: 1800 333 737
Fax: 02 9973 1729
Email: wlt@hsi.org.au

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