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May 11, 2016

Meet Our New National Mammal

The American bison has long been a majestic symbol of the West, but now they’ve officially become the national mammal of the United States. On May 9, President Obama signed the National Bison Legacy Act into law – making the iconic species the official symbol of our country.

But the bison hasn’t always been a celebrated symbol. Millions of bison once thundered across North America, but in the early 20th century this species was nearly on the brink of extinction because of land expansion and hunting. The population was estimated at 500 during that time, but through extensive conservation efforts they are now thriving. Today, approximately 500,000 bison live across the country.

The bison and their habitat needs are very important to the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust. We’ve led a coalition of like-minded organizations to secure migratory access and grazing rights for the Yellowstone herd across private lands in the region. In 2010, the Trust provided financial support for a study to develop a humane management plan for the bison herd managed by the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD).

The bison’s successful recovery from near extinction is proof that when we work together we can change the course of history. That’s why the Trust works diligently to protect wild animals by creating permanent sanctuaries, preserving and enhancing natural habitat, providing funds for conservation programs and confronting cruelty.

Take a moment to celebrate our new national mammal, and join us in protecting wildlife by making a donation today.

Video by cavaroc with music by BertycoX.


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