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June 4, 2018

Your impact against wildlife poaching

Decoys make a difference

What do the pronghorn, deer, elk, black bear and grizzly bear all have in common? All are among the many species targeted by poachers—criminals who knowingly violate hunting laws, such as targeting species out of season, shooting animals in non-hunting areas or shooting at animals from roadways. The good news is these species—among others—have another thing in common. The Trust has donated robotic decoys for them to wildlife law enforcement agencies to deploy in undisclosed locations, enabling officers to catch poachers in the act and providing physical proof of violations to help secure convictions.

Because of your commitment to helping wildlife, we currently have 36 decoys in the field in 27 states, and agencies are reporting successful convictions of poachers. A decoy in West Virginia has been shot by eight poachers, resulting in their arrest and convictions on various charges. Poachers can never know where these lifelike decoys are in use and being monitored, which adds a deterrent effect that will grow as more poachers become aware that catching and convicting them is now easier. Your support will help expand our successful robotic decoy program, which will put more pressure on poachers and make the woods, fields and marshes safer for the wildlife you love.

Learn more about our Robotic Decoy Program here.

Jim Reed (R), director of stewardship, manages the Trust’s successful anti-poaching robotic decoy program.


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