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Sherman Station, Maine

76 Acres | January 12, 2003
Barbara and David Birdsey, donors
Owned in Title

Barbara and Charles J. Birdsey donated an additional 8-acre property to the Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust, as part of the Gerri Elwell Wildlife Sanctuary. This lushly wooded landscape is important to many species of migratory birds, as well as to moose, black bears, white-tailed deer, porcupines, otters, red foxes, opossums, weasels, muskrats, raccoons, and beavers. In addition, an open area has been set aside for carefully spaced nestboxes for bluebirds and purple martins.

The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust holds the title to this sanctuary.  That means HSWLT is responsible for all property taxes and maintenance costs for the property -- every year, forever.  In addition periodic inspections are made to ensure that the wildlife habitat remains in good condition.  These inspections, and the handling of any damage or destruction, cost heavily in professional staff time and travel expenses.

HSWLT has promised to keep this property as a sanctuary forever -- and that promise will be kept.  If you can help with the cost of stewardship for this and the other properties HSWLT protects, please donate here.

Living with Woodchucks

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