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Martin County, Florida

6 Acres | May 1, 2017
Owned in Title

NOT TOO FAR FROM JUPITER, FLORIDA, along the Loxahatchee River, the resident gopher tortoises have been assured of a little more habitat, which they need to ensure their survival. This peaceful six acres of riverside land with its deep, sandy soil for their burrows is a much-needed paradise for the vulnerable species.

Like you, the landowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, understands how crucial habitat is to wildlife. That’s why she decided to preserve her land as a permanent wildlife sanctuary. She chose the Trust because she wanted to ensure that all wildlife on her land would forever have a safe home there. Our humane stewardship means that whether you’re a gopher tortoise or a white-tailed deer—or a fox, bobcat, rabbit, bird or bee—on Trust-protected sanctuaries you’re safe from human-caused exploitation and cruelty.

Habitat loss is a major threat to all wildlife, as well as a form of cruelty, because it robs animals of the basics they need to survive and raise their young. Dwindling habitat is the main reason the gopher tortoise is a candidate species for federal protection. Roads are another hazard for these quiet, slow-moving animals. If the gopher tortoise disappears, hundreds of other species who use their burrows will feel the loss, too. Even while gopher tortoises are in their burrows, tiny creatures share them, and foxes, skunks, opossums, rabbits, armadillos, quail and others use abandoned tortoise burrows.

Saving precious habitat for the imperiled gopher tortoise is a lasting and meaningful gift to countless animals in this ecosystem. And the ability of all wildlife to survive and flourish depends upon how much land we can permanently protect for them before it’s too late.


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