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Providing acres of safe haven for free-roaming animals is important work. Lasting wildlife habitat is vital to the survival of future generations of wildlife. But wild animals face many threats at the hands of humanity.

The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust exists to stem the tide of pervasive and unprecedented habitat destruction and loss of open space that poses significant risks to wildlife. Habitat loss and fragmentation endangers the existence of large wildlife populations, and, in many cases, entire species. Indeed, more than 30 percent of the world’s mammals and birds are considered threatened with extinction, with amphibians and reptiles also in precipitous decline.

Some of these threats – illegal hunting, trapping, live capture for the pet trade, and lethal predator control – have long been focal points of the humane movement. Following the path carved out by our parent company, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the HSWLT is playing a critical role in calling attention to and addressing such forms of wildlife abuse and exploitation.

Wildlife Abuse Programs

  1. Poaching is a crime and needs to be treated as one.  Our Anti-Poaching Rewards Program offers an incentive to bring poachers to justice. Read More

  2. Poachers beware!  Wildlife officers in many jurisdictions are using robotic decoy donated by HSWLT to set up string operations to catch poachers. Read More

Living with Urban Coyotes

Living with coyotes


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