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Sometimes it is just about having fun. Here are three games to share with the littler "dears" in your life.

It’s a Deer, Dear

Everyone sits in a circle. The Answer Person (starting with the youngest in the group) stands in the center of the circle. Each player asks the Answer Person a question. To every question the Answer Person must respond, “It’s a deer, dear.” The first player to make the Answer Person laugh wins a try in the middle. (What is that on your head? “It’s a deer, dear.”)

White Tail Tag

Put a strip of white cloth in each player's back pocket. Have the players try to grab each other's strips without having their own strip taken. The player with the most cloth strips wins the game.

Find the Deer

The Fawns hide their eyes and count out loud together to 50, while the Deer goes and hides. Then everyone begins to look for the Deer. When a Fawn spots the Deer, he/she doesn’t tell anyone, then when no one is looking, he/she slips in and hides with the Deer. Soon everyone starts to disappear, and the only one is left. The first player to find the Deer, gets to hide as the Deer in the next round.

Beaver Close-up

Though beavers are cousins to mice and squirrels, they are North America's largest rodents, weighing 50 or more pounds.


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