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Students take creative action for wildlife

Knowledge is a powerful thing, especially when combined with a caring heart. Fifth-grade students in Lucia Marcus’s spring 2018 art class at Duke Middle School in Durham, North Carolina, have both . . . and know how to put them to good use. When they learned that wildlife is suffering from habitat loss, they wanted to do something meaningful to help.

As the culmination of their Animalia Project, the class decided to create original woodblock images of wild animals for notecards and sell them to raise funds to help conservation organizations like the Trust protect wildlife and habitat. Featured below are two of the many beautiful images the students created.

Their fundraiser was a tremendous success, and they sent a generous gift toward our work to protect safe forever homes for wildlife. Imperiled animals like gray wolves, grizzly bears, wood thrushes and box turtles will benefit from their caring action. So too will currently common species, as safe habitat helps ensure they will not become rare.

We’re grateful to the Duke Middle School students for their meaningful gift and for standing up for wildlife. Such caring is a strong and hopeful sign for wildlife’s future.


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