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There are countless ways that we can help reduce our environmental footprints, including taking shorter showers, installing energy-efficient light bulbs and walking, biking or taking the bus instead of driving. All of these efforts help maintain a healthier habitat for wildlife — and for us!

Here are some other things to do that will make a significant difference for all who share our planet:

Clean it up

Host a community clean-up event at your local beach, stream, or pond. The results will be felt far downstream.

Check for life

Look carefully for squirrel and rabbit nests before mowing in the spring. The babies stay for three weeks until weaned and self-sufficient. Mowing can wait.

Go eco-friendly

Use eco-friendly animal repellent. These repellents will deter wildlife and keep the environment safe.

Go native

Use plants that are native to your area. Not only will they thrive better, but they will also require less maintenance.

Keep cats indoors

Even the gentlest, well-fed house cat will prey on wildlife instinctively when given the chance. Outdoor-roaming cats are also at risk for accidents and diseases that indoor cats aren’t. 

Try vegan meals

Animals raised for food produce about three times as much waste as the total U.S. human population. This waste infiltrates habitats as it pollutes the air, soil, and water. Vegan meals are good for the environment and your health.

This Earth Day, April 22 — and every day — we can improve the health of Mother Earth and reduce animal suffering simply by remembering all who share our planet.


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